Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Still Here...Still Working...

To start: I will be posting Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit by the end of this year.

When it comes to my spiritual posts, I strive to allow the time necessary for God to reveal to me, through the Holy Spirit, what He needs me to write. Part of this process involves the revealing of the truth within my own heart. I take my spiritual journey seriously--my relationship with God is the most important relationship in my life. Everything flows out from that core interaction between me and God.

This is also why I haven't been posting as frequently as I did the year of 2013. I have been on an incredibly, albeit all-consuming and overwhelming at times, spiritual journey. The things the Lord has revealed to me over the past few months have kept me in perpetual awe of His Lordship. Focusing on God, remembering to praise His Holiness has been wonderful! I have also come to accept, and respect, that I am meant to live the experiences that lend to the spiritual posts of this blog. Living in the Present, focusing on the Lord and studying the Bible. I need to come through to the other side, able to look back at the journey, in order to share the message and lessons as I come to understand them more fully.

Simply put, life must be lived.

There was a time when I put such pressure on myself to post regularly. To the point that, as things were happening, I was reliving the moments through the lens of how would I write this to convey..., instead of allowing God to speak through these moments to my heart. I took the blog out of God's hands and put them in my own. I gave myself permission to beat God to it. How is that right? I asked myself, "How am I going to gain all God has for me, if I am too focused on what I'm going to write?"

So, now I wait for God to call on me, compel me to come to this computer and put the words out He chooses. I wait for Him to tell me when to act. At least, that is my hope and prayer. I want to do right by Him. And I sincerely hope that in the year of 2015, God will call me to share some of these revelations of 2014 with you :)

Next: I am working on Part TSHW, Part 2.

It's just not coming as easily as Part 1. While I have basic backgrounds for each of the characters, I still have yet to determine the relationship Ava had with her father and mother, prior to the revelation found at the end of Chapter 26. I have a lot to still learn about Ava, requiring further development of her back story.

Last, but not least: I am going to be making a pillow cover to match the Batman quilt I made for Kit last Christmas! :) This is to be a Christmas gift -- I have yet to start. However, it will be smaller than the quilt, and easier to layout. I will do a post of start to middle, then a post on the final product.

~May Christ be with you in all you do!

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  1. This is a beautiful post and also very eye opening. I'm glad I stumbled across your blog today and I look forward to reading your next post. Blessings to you... :)