Dove's Landing

Welcome to Dove's Landing. 

Dove's Landing brings to mind Noah's releasing of the dove to find the land that God promised. I picture a beautiful, white dove flying over the sea of water, as lush green hilltops present themselves over the crest of waves. Upon landing, the dove sees God's promise in the most beautiful way: Refracted light creating a prism of all color and wonder, hung in the sky by such a magnificent force, in such a delicate manner...

The Rainbow - To remember that no matter what happens in life, He is here with us and won't forsake us. To me, Dove's Landing is where my non-physical self retreats to when I am seeking sanctuary in God's arms. 

I wanted a page that led readers to postings of the spirit, mind, and heart. I believe these three entities work more as one, than as three individuals. Here, you will find postings of all that is taken to God. How I work through, or came to understand, things of the deep. 

Still Here...Still Working...
Jesus is the Way to the FATHER
Spiritual Cocoon 
I Miss the Color Green!
Don't Touch The Gifts Under The Tree...Until It Is Time
Santa, Jesus, And Kit
God Gave Me Tape
"God Called The Expanse 'Sky.'"
"He Alone..."
"You Rule Over The Surging Sea..."
"His Splendor Was Like A Sunrise..."
Door Closing = Time For Prayer
"...I will not boast about myself, except about my weaknesses."
Simply Christian
My Spiritual Tantrum...And How I Got In THE Way
Ah, So...Where Have I Been?
Discerning The Call For Action
Enduring Through Faith
Let God Change Your Mind...And Heart
Christian Person Week
The Lord's Prayer
Seeking Silence And Solitude
Be Still
A Dove Has Landed
He Is Risen
Walking In Faith
Everything Is Temporary
Living In The Present
The Beginning

Feel free to share your things of the deep by commenting :)


  1. Hello Paisley(?)
    I'm happy to see this page and am planning a time to come here and read all these articles listed on this page.
    I'm curious if you have a page listing the Doctrines you follow... I don't like to use the word denomination because I've met some very spiritual women, who outwardly have a rather worldly look; and on the other hand I've met women who wear head coverings that are full of bitterness and discontent. But I am curious of the teachings and doctrines that you follow. If you have a link outlining this then cool, I'd love to read it.
    Otherwise... I may just get to know you best by reading the articles here! Looking forward t it.

    Pat @Corn in my

    1. Hello Pat! Paisley works ;)
      Thank you so much for commenting! I am truly grateful for your note :)
      I was all prepared to answer your question right here, only to find it is much too long to post as a reply…
      Cliff notes: I do not follow any form of a denomination, though I was raised Lutheran. I do not go to 'church' every Sunday, but believe in the meaning of church being the coming together of people in Christ. I have fellowship with friends and family, and those I meet through life. That is church to me.
      Since there is more to what I believe a true Christian is, I am going to post an article explaining what makes me a Christian.
      Please check out the post to be titled: Simply Christian.
      God bless!

    2. P.s. Pat ~ I became so involved in answering your question, that I completely forgot to thank you for wanting to take the time to read my articles under Dove's Thank you!