Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Beginning Of A Wonderful Venture

Good Morning Readers!

I am excited to partake on this new venture of keeping a blog! It is to be a place for sharing my creations and my thoughts, whether they have marinated within my mind for sometime, or came to me on a whim. Welcome to The Paisley Butterfly :)

There are two things I can promise: 

  1. I will be true to myself as I manage this site, whether it be silly, serious, or somewhere in-between. If I feel called to share, I shall do just whatever form I happen to be in that day :)
  2. I am not perfect, meaning, expect to see some mistakes...
...I used to be perfection orientated. Then I realized how that didn't help me much with anything, but increasing my stress and anxiety levels. I never felt satisfied with the work, because it always could have been done better. If I were to describe myself now, in terms of perfection, I would label myself a lazy perfectionist :) 

What this means? I strive to do the best I possibly can, but no longer hold myself to impossible measures. I have learned to discern when I need to push harder, or accept that no matter what I try, it won't be better than it is...And that is O.K.

Also, I have learned to accept that sometimes the most beautiful things in life came from mistakes and are not anywhere near close to what I thought perfection would be, thus, making the mistake kinda perfect. I have created some of the most beautiful things because I made a mistake I had to 'fix'. Then, that mistake led me to an idea I wouldn't have otherwise thought of. I welcome mistakes! You can't grow without them, you can't learn without them, and sometimes you can't create as wonderfully without them. 

So, my wrap-up...Be flexible. Throw perfection out the window. Welcome mistakes. And be true to oneself. 

Thanks for reading! 

The Paisley Butterfly :)

P.s. I plan on focusing around these topics: Re-imagining anything (furniture, clothing, and more), recipes, home decorating projects, artwork, writings I pen, and of course, my thoughts:)

Please check in periodically to check the progress! Thank you for reading!

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