Paisley's Wings

Image above is built, created, drawn,
by me, The Paisley Butterfly. 
Paisley's Wings is fitting for what will be happening under this category. I have felt a kinship with butterflies, thinking of how they begin as caterpillars and transition into something beautiful, with wings, taking flight into a new world. 

I have wings too, and I transition and change as I grow in my faith, my relationships, and in my thoughts. I study the bible in varying time frames and subject matter, knowing my wings will grow, strengthen, and brighten through the process of taking a closer look at the words of God. 

You will find posts of my bible studies, as I am called, here. 
My goal is to share my experience of how I interpret what I am reading, how God expands my understanding, and how I apply it to my life. This is not about what anyone else should think or feel about my bible study, or even that everyone should participate in a bible study. We are all free to believe in our own way, to learn in a way that works best for us. Also, to share in the manner of which we are comfortable sharing. It is up to each individual to find what works for him/herself. Some do not know where to start, or how to start. Many have not had the spiritual support I have grown up with since childhood. Through conversation, whether verbal or written, I find benefits of hearing how others have come to understand things of the Spirit and how the Spirit pertains to their daily lives. This allows  my heart and spirit to open up to God's truth and understanding as He wills it. 

So, my sharing in this journey, set before me, is about allowing a door to be opened to your hearts for God to reveal Himself to you, however He chooses. And if it comes from reading what I am living, I think that is awesome. All I am asking is that you keep yourself open to God as you read. You may be surprised where He takes you :)

Jesus is the Way to the FATHER
Prayer Study

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