Thursday, July 25, 2013

Discerning The Call For Action

God plants seeds within all of us from the moment we are created. He plants seeds to develop for His purposes. God developed Moses' character by molding his actions towards His will. Moses was a reactor. When conflict arose, he reacted. God taught Moses the correct way to react, to fulfill His purpose. This was possible because Moses chose to pray. Through prayer we are opening our hearts up to God’s will. 

Through prayer, Moses learned to obey God. This is not saying that Moses never experienced disobedience – he did, once. We see this truth in the fact that Moses was not permitted into the Promised Land. But through his obedience to God throughout his life, Moses became a better person, reacting in ways that aligned with God's will. The story of Moses  referenced within the prayer study, found under Paisley's Wings  shows us how God shaped Moses into a great man, but without changing who he was. In fact, God took the seeds He planted within Moses and fed and watered them until they were suited to His purposes. He nurtured the seeds planted within Moses’ heart.

Inaction vs. Action

I am on Day 5. I have read and answered everything pertaining to the first half of this day’s assignments. Today, I am just about all on board with the author. There is only one question that I question; but I will get to that later. I see many correlations between the part of Moses’ story revolving around the separation of the Red Sea and my life’s journey in obeying God and using prayer as a path to God’s will being performed in my life. This will be shared in Dove's Landing

The opening of Day 5 encompasses the purpose of prayer to allow an outlet for God’s will to be realized within this physical world. That the purpose of prayer is allowing God’s hands to reach down into our hearts in an effort to help us to obey His commands of us.

Upon reading the list of questions to be answered, and their subsequent bible verses to be used as a launching point for answering these questions, I decided to read the entire chapter 14 of Exodus, and then read the notes in my bible before answering the questions provided within the prayer study. Chapter 14 of Exodus is about Moses leading the Israelites through a series of movements that take them to the Red Sea that is parted for their escape from the Egyptians. Ultimately for the purpose of giving God His Glory.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Enduring Through Faith

I had a panic moment a couple of months ago. My faith was seriously tested, and to be honest, I have had some rocky moments since then. That is not to say that I have lost my faith, or that it has dwindled. It just means that I am human and I have to fight very hard to retain my faith, allowing it to grow stronger.

The area I live in has been berated with rain and thunderstorms. There have been high winds, loss of electricity, flooding, branches being ripped from the trees. Rainstorms have persisted for days on end, never ceasing. We get a day of reprieve, just for it to start all over again. This has been our reality since May. 

A couple of weeks into the unending rain, our roof began to leak. I don't mean just a drip. I mean, my living room wall was soaking wet. Water was pouring down the interior of our window, the ceiling was beginning to give way. When we looked at the outside of the house, we could actually see the exterior wall swelling with water. I had to move the furniture, put a bowl under the ceiling faucet, and place a towel over the window in an effort to protect our things. I called my husband, near tears, freaking out. He came home. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Are you kidding me?!

Hello everyone.
It’s been a while since you've last heard from me,
and for that I apologize.
Once again, I am tested and tried.
Losing a cousin to cancer, and finding out someone else has this wretched disease, has certainly taken its toll on me.
Today, I’m not here to preach, but to raise awareness to how quickly and blindly this disease can change our lives forever;
that we, as a people, need to explore everything we can to make this go away.
I recently went to the doctor about a pain in my shoulder,
due to a dislocated collar bone, from an accident a while back and my doctor prescribed me a very addictive drug called Vicodin.
I also asked if there was something I could do about my smoking.
Because of recent events, I've decided enough was enough.
My doctor prescribed me a medication called Chantix.
Great, right?
I went to my local pharmacy to get my prescription for Chantix.
I decided I did not want the Vicodin,because of all the horror stories I've heard about those kinds of drugs.
So, I went to pick up my Chantix and found out that my insurance would not cover the prescription...Huh?
So, I tried something: I put in my prescription at the pharmacy for the Vicodin and my insurance company covered all of it.
Are you kidding me?!
Let me get this straight:
our awesome government will gladly assist us in getting hooked on a narcotic that could, and has, destroyed millions of lives, but they won’t assist us in getting off something that kills.
I’m confused.
Why do I have this corporate government controlled insurance company, when it won’t even help me in the areas I need it most?
I can deal with the pain.
I can’t deal with cancer.
I pray for our government and our insurance companies to open their eyes and see what they are allowing to take place.
What are your thoughts?
How can all of you help?
Can we make a change?
I have faith that we can.
And I pray that we do.

God bless all of you,

Friday, July 19, 2013

God: Mercy vs. Judgment

Maneuvering through day 4 has thus far been the most challenging for me: I am conflicted: I am confused. I find myself somewhere in the middle, not sure where to go, better yet, where I am being taken. I have thoughts of, am I getting this right? Why am I so far from the author on this? How do I go about dissecting this in a manner to put into words for the sake of my readers? To not only read, but understand? How, how, how???????? And, what, what, what????? I also find myself wondering if I should find a prayer study that is more along my frame of mind and spirit. Then I am reminded that I did not choose this prayer study, God did. Ok…so, He wants me to do this. I trust He knows what He is doing. But I am not sure I like it right now. Obey. I must obey. I just must.

It dawned on me, hours into Day 4, that I need to pray – Ha Ha!! Right? I need to pray about my prayer study. Who would have thought? I feel a bit ridiculous, realizing I have not prayed for God’s guidance before starting this chapter of the study…Get over it, I say to myself – And I pray:

Lord, I know it is Your will for me to not only complete this prayer study, but to share what You do to my heart with my readers. I am struggling and need Your help.
Please guide me; Show me Your way; Help me to hear Your truth; I need You in order to do this.
Help calm my frustrations and keep me from focusing on the things that pull me from Your purpose. In Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.

So, a prayer and a coffee run later, I am back. I take a few deep breaths, centering myself and emptying my mind of the thousands questions that wish to possess it, and begin again.
I am going to outline the main points of the prayer study and expound my thoughts as I go. Expect tangents within this editorial. If nothing else, it will break up the reading. But hopefully, God will reach into your heart and do things to it you can’t even imagine…And be the better for it :)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Show Me Where To Go!"

As I rush through the door, ambulance sitting out front, I see her in a diminished state.  
Guilt envelopes my entire being, proving there is no such thing as a clean slate.  

A barrage of memories, cling to my once freed self, no longer separate from my past.  
A fool I was to believe I was no longer touched by the pain you inflicted, a blast.  

Is this learned behavior, reverting to my previous self when forced under your thumb?  
Molded into a person based upon your needs, resulting in my duty to succumb?  

She is transparent, taking your side without hearing my words, spewing her own harsh judgment.  
I am only seen when I fall in line with how I reflect you, lest you be discontent.  

I know you get some of that from her, the truth of each of us a burden upon you.
But more than that, you are sick with a demon of the false elixir, an ugly hue.  

Swirling red lights, she is on the gurney; help moments away, whether she wants it, or not.  
I fail to reconcile the woman before me with the woman I know, leaving me wrought.  

I question my choice to protect my family from this hold, by turning from your blow.  
Obligation seeps in, a demon of my own; I cry out to God, “Show me where to go!”  

He reveals through this murky sea of grief, a recollection of all I have transpired,  
My God given self pulsing outside of your control, something I have always desired.  

I refuse to let you suck me back in, suffocating all I have become, an effort to snuff my light. 
You transfer blame upon me, hiding behind your chary; my life you no longer indite.  

Choosing God above all else, led to my departure from you; guilt no longer welcome here.
I have gained momentum, Jesus my guide; I smile within, your wrath I no longer fear. 

~ Penned by: The Paisley Butterfly on July 15th, 2013 ~

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Let God Change Your Mind...And Heart

Lately, I have been reveling in the blessings God has thrown my way: my marriage, my family unit, this house, my job, this blog…all is good…

I have more purpose. I am expressing my passion. I love my job. My family is strong and has come together in a way we never have been before our move to this house. I also feel fatigue, aches, and am at times wondering how to get more hours in my day.

So, why have I found myself wanting more? Why do I feel a sense of boredom? Why am I wishing I was already in my southern state living on my homestead? I know it’s not time. I also know I am really not ready, as much as I may think I am.

The Word Of God

I am on Day 3 of the prayer study, and I must say I am utterly astonished. What I find so astounding is that throughout the reading of the author’s content, I find my mind and heart go to one place – and I feel strongly about that place I have been taken. Then I get to the end, prepared to answer the questions she had laid before me, only to find that I am nowhere near the questions she has asked. My heart and mind went somewhere else entirely. Now I am stuck with a dilemma. Do I follow my heart and mind and focus my energy on what was unearthed, or do I set that aside and focus on the assignment?  

Guess what the answer is…BOTH. This does not thrill me, but when called…

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Secrets Held Within, Chapter 17

Chapter 17, The Store
I inch closer, pressing my face against the glass, desperate to find out who is here. Not realizing how close my body is to the door, the sound of metal upon glass sends the intruder into a panic – my belt grazed the door. The figure stood quickly, looking in my direction. I stepped to the side of the door, leaning against the wall, my breathing loud in my head. I concentrated on my breathing, focusing on my lungs slowly expanding and contracting, aware of my diaphragm keeping rhythm. The sound of wood scraping against wood startles me. Instantly, I thought of the connecting door to Antiques, remembering a pocket door. Without thought, I ran through the cashier station to the store room to head off the intruder.
I did not expect to see what I found in the store… 

Monday, July 1, 2013

The Secrets Held Within, Bonus Material #5

Reticence Unlocked Bookstore Floor Plan

Image above is built, created, and drawn by me, The Paisley Butterfly.
Ivy's description found in: