Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Enduring Through Faith

I had a panic moment a couple of months ago. My faith was seriously tested, and to be honest, I have had some rocky moments since then. That is not to say that I have lost my faith, or that it has dwindled. It just means that I am human and I have to fight very hard to retain my faith, allowing it to grow stronger.

The area I live in has been berated with rain and thunderstorms. There have been high winds, loss of electricity, flooding, branches being ripped from the trees. Rainstorms have persisted for days on end, never ceasing. We get a day of reprieve, just for it to start all over again. This has been our reality since May. 

A couple of weeks into the unending rain, our roof began to leak. I don't mean just a drip. I mean, my living room wall was soaking wet. Water was pouring down the interior of our window, the ceiling was beginning to give way. When we looked at the outside of the house, we could actually see the exterior wall swelling with water. I had to move the furniture, put a bowl under the ceiling faucet, and place a towel over the window in an effort to protect our things. I called my husband, near tears, freaking out. He came home. 

We called the landlord. No answer. A couple days later, we called again. No answer. 

As time passed and water came in, we began talking of worst case scenarios. Rent was due soon. We knew we would have to go to City Hall to create an escrow account so we wouldn't be in breach of our lease agreement, but the landlord would have to deal with the serious problem before he got paid. What if he didn't take care of the house, or told us we had to do it? We talked about the possibility of having to move again. That costs money. 

And time...


There were so many thoughts, feelings, and prayers floating, swirling, fighting for precedence. I was remembering all of the answered prayers this house has offered us: walking distance to the park, library, my work; five minute drive for The Rustic Knight to get to work; room for all of us; etc. I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that God had gifted us with this house, just for it to not work out. 

He wanted us here; He made this all happen!

We prayed fervently, and...

My panic moment led to continued faith :)

A couple of weeks after our failed attempts at reaching our landlord, he called us back. It turns out that the number we had, from when we first inquired about his house, was a number they used for such purposes as applicants contacting him and his wife about rentals. The landlord stated, that they rarely check the messages on that number, leading him to give us a better number to reach him. 

One prayer answered: Our landlord got in touch with us, he wasn't trying to blow us off! It was a misunderstanding of which number we had to contact him, from when we first moved in. 

Later that week, the landlord was out here with a roofing company to check out the roof. They told us the roof would be fixed in three weeks, after the roofing company finished their current contracts...

Another prayer answered!

We were excited and relieved, but also wary - we wouldn't feel better until the roof was completely fixed. We lived with an oddly laid out living room arrangement, bucket on the floor, and towel on window for about a month. 

We continued to pray... 

Four weeks later, we have a new roof!!!! Our house is dry, my living room is back in place, and our landlord followed through. 

What started out as a panic attack within my faith, turned out to be a misunderstanding that taught me how to endure this hardship through my faith. 

Praise God!

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