Knight's Corner

I would like to introduce you to
The Rustic Knight's Corner!

Image above is built, 
created, drawn,
by: The Paisley Butterfly.
Here, you will find articles written by The Rustic Knight, sharing his journey of Faith with all of you! 

My husband had a wonderful experience with God a few weeks ago, and approached me about sharing this journey on my blog site... 

I found this idea to be wonderful! To add another dimension to The Paisley Butterfly, in the form of a male voice, is perfect :) 

I must say, what God has done with this venture of actualizing this blog, and where it has led, is incredibly surprising and exciting. When I followed through with building The Paisley Butterfly, I had no clue where this would lead, or what would become of the sharing of my faith. I left it up to God, allowing this site to become what He needs it to be. Though, I was hesitant to start this endeavor, fearful of sharing so much of myself with the world -- I felt beyond my element, outside of my box, pushed far from my comfort zone. 

My husband, however, never wavered in his support, constantly encouraged me, and not once questioned my actions in creating this website. Through his championing, The Rustic Knight really opened my heart, allowing me to embrace the call of God, to bring into being The Paisley Butterfly.

I am honored my husband wants to join me, as an integral part of this soul stretching excursion, by sharing his personal experiences with you.

I hope you enjoy all The Rustic Knight has to offer!


  1. Hey, Rustic Knight, where are you? I loved your post, "The Light". I want to hear more!!

  2. RK. RK. RK. RK. This is a chant to hear from you.....