Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Light

 We all have our days of frustration, and sometimes 
the negative things in life can start to take hold, bringing us down. 
I recently found myself in the “part” of being “down”. 
I started feeling tired and weak, 
all my energy gone. 
And on top of that, 
a wisdom tooth was having its way with me…
I hadn’t prayed in weeks. 
It didn’t even cross my mind. 
Then, one night, 
while I was moping on the couch, 
my son turned to me and said, 
“I love you, Daddad.” 
His eyes loving and as beautiful as a full moon, 
his smile as true and pure as the earth’s horizon – a light!

God’s Light!

And the more I looked around, 
I noticed it was everywhere. 
At that moment, I realized I had stopped looking for it, 
therefore, all I saw was darkness and gloom. 
From that moment on, 
I decided to only look for the light, 
for what made me smile, 
and for what I am grateful. 
Life is a gift. 
Be grateful; be pure; be positive. 
Trust in God’s love; He won’t let you down. 
He will teach you lessons and make you think, 
but He will always be there for you. 
And if you just look, you will find His Light everywhere…

The Rustic Knight

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