Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Bible Study Is Really A Prayer Study

Alright, I know I said my first post for this bible study would come Friday -- and I will still post on Friday --however, having started this study, there are two things that I have come to understand. The first being, it is more of a prayer study than a bible study. The book has each day of the study broken down. There are weekly chapters, with daily assignments, if you will. Since my goal is to not only share the actual study with you, but also what is happening to me internally (thoughts, feelings, etc.), I am not sure I can follow through with my original plan, as it stands. Second, I believe my expectations of following the daily breakdown have been wildly aggressive. This is because the study is turning out to be more involved than I realized. If I complete the weekly study based on how the book lays it out, then try to pack all of that information, and my process, into one weekly post, I feel that I will be doing this entire experience a disservice.

So, that being said, I am altering my original proposal. I am going to forsake any time limit I have placed on this study, and the time expectations given by the book, in an effort to allow this study to unfold as it chooses. By spending more time where it deserves, I can truly share my thoughts, feelings, and understanding of this study with you. 

And, I am still planning on posting once a week in regards to my study. I just don't know how many "days" I will have covered within the book per post.

I look forward to sharing with you, and hope that you will continue to be patient with me on this endeavor! May God be with you! :)

Prayer Study Day 1 here

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