I remember the first time I was able to fully grasp the geometrical meaning of the word tangent in actual life practice. My track coach was giving me a pep talk on how, and when, to pass a runner in front of me, during the mile race. He said, as I came around the curve, just before the straight away, I should follow the tangent around my opponent, picking up speed just as I hit the straight to make it to the finish line first. The tangent being a line, or curve that pulls off of the initial path, as to not hurt momentum. When I was in the race and reached that pivotal moment, I visualized the tangent line and followed my coach's words -- p.s. he was also the geometry teacher. I was exhilarated to experience the ease at which his advice altered my ability to pass my opponent, resulting in a personal record for the one mile race... 

...And that leads me to how I think in general. How often have you been in a conversation with someone, and something was said that sent your mind catapulting towards another topic, sometimes leading to an idea, or thought, that appears to your fellow conversationalist to have come out of thin air? What about, when you are working on a project and, for whatever reason, have no choice but to put it down, because something stole your attention? Or be forced to alter the initial intention of a project, in an effort adjust to something that has shifted the direction in which you were working?

This is the home for all things that came out of another; Which, I'm sure, it could be argued, that most things in this blog were built on a previous idea or thought. And I believe that's true to a point. We live in a world where originality is hard to come upon. The notion that everything has been done, to some degree, is very prevalent -- this line of thought is becoming a tangent of it's own...

So, shifting gears, expect this page to be incredibly eclectic, for I cannot dictate an expectation to my tangent thoughts...

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