Monday, March 18, 2013

The Feature Wall

As I have mentioned, we are not permitted to paint any of the rooms in our rental. Which is fine. Everything is white. A huge improvement from a previous rental - Everything was yellow: walls, ceiling, and floors in a blonde wood laminate (it was beautiful, but I can only handle so much yellow)... 

So, our white dining room boasts a cathedral ceiling and two large windows, along with five entries. There are three doors on one wall housing the open entry into the living room, next to that is the door to the stairs, and then the bathroom. On the wall perpendicular, there is a door to the laundry room, and opposite the wall of three pass through's is the opening to the kitchen. Which means...

There is only one wall to make a statement and set the tone for the room, and that is the wall with the windows. Where did we start? With what we already have: a rolling cart passed on to us from my mother-in-law, and two curtain panels that my mother no longer had use for - I am very happy she kept them, and that I was the one to reap the benefits of the forethought to save those things she no longer has use for. She practically furnished my house.

Side note: Most of my house is furnished with second hand items. Either a hand me down from a friend or family member that no longer had use for the item, or found at a garage sale and gifted to us, or picked up off the side of the road, like my dining rm.table - 
which will be featured at a later date. I have plans to refinish it :) 

The panels are beautiful! One is green. 
The other an ivory pinstripe. 

The only problem? I had one of each. 
I wanted these in the dining room, but I didn't 
want two different window treatments. 

My solution? I cut them in half and sewed them to their neighbor...

...My goal was to create a look of one long window treatment. 

Then, the rolling cart was placed between the two windows with the thought that if we needed more counter space we could roll it into the kitchen. My husband and I decided to hang an oil crayon drawing I had created long ago above the cart. It was composed of the right colors and scale. In agreement on how to finish our feature wall, we went our separate ways to work on other parts of the house. I went upstairs to work on our child's play room, and he went to his man cave to organize. About an hour later, my husband called me downstairs to show me what he accomplished: his man cave...Or so I thought...

The moment I entered the dining room, my husband began rambling, "I don't know what happened, or why I started doing this. I just saw three nails in the wall there, and thought of our hats on them. I didn't even realize what I did until I was done. So, do you like it? I'm sorry..."

I was blind sighted by my husbands decorating endeavor - it was not what we had hour ago. However, it is perfect :) Due to the neutrality of the decor, it lends freedom to the refinishing of the other dining room furniture! :)

Even the decorations were things we already had on hand, with the exception of the church and antique car. 

The trinkets are two antique copper sculptures we found at a flee market, that we decided to purchase as house warming gifts to ourselves. They were originally $10 a piece, but my husband talked the price down to $5 a piece. I'm glad my husband found a home for them :) 

The grandfather clock, which actually belonged to my husband's grandfather, is mounted on the wall to give the appearance of resting on the rolling cart, allowing use of the cart in the kitchen if needed. 

And the cowboy hats: My husband's grandfather's hat is in the center, with ours flanking it.

For a space that has so many doorways, and serves as a multi-purpose space, I think it is a perfect representation of us: understated, rustic, and warm. 

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