Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Chocolate Chip Cake-Cookies

My husband and I just recently moved into a 1930's home rental. It is beautiful! It has character, large spaces, and wonderful traffic flow. The rooms have wide connecting door openings, yet still retain the feel of separate spaces - which as a stay at home mom, I need to be able to get away!

There have been a few challenges with this move. The main being that we are renting. No painting. No major changes, outside of curtains and hanging things on walls. But the biggest challenge is no appliances. That's right! No fridge. No stove. No oven. No dishwasher - yes, I sucks! Along with the washer and dryer MIA.

We got a fridge. We need one in this day and age.

Stove...not yet. We have a microwave. A skillet. A toaster oven. So, I have mastered cooking full on meals with these utensils. We did pick up a $12 plug-in electric burner. Huge help!

That said, I have created a chocolate chip cake-cookie recipe using a baking mix as my base. It started for two reasons. First, I wanted chocolate chip cookie dough. Second, I still have yet to replenish my baking necessities, like baking soda and powder.
Anyhow, I grabbed my baking mix box and perused the recipes on the box and decided to alter the shortcake recipe to be sweeter. Think more like cake and less like biscuit - this will be put in a different post :) I further altered that new recipe to create my much needed cookie dough! And after tasting it, I just had to see how it would bake, and was pleasantly pleased :)

Here is the recipe:

Turn toaster oven to 300 degrees - this is important! Toaster ovens are smaller and heat up very fast. If you keep the temp. where tradition ovens are set, you will burn the outside of your food, but the inside will be raw...

Mix 2 1/4 c. baking mix (it's the generic version of Bisquik) with 1/2 c. sugar, 1/3 cup milk, 3 tbs butter, and chocolate chips as desired. Feel free to add any other type of chips or nuts :)

Spoon mixture onto pan that came with toaster oven. You should be able to fit about five at a time. Recipe will yield around 1 dozen depending on size of cookies - Perfect for the tiny toaster oven..and you can't over eat!!

Cook time: You need to watch in a way you don't have to with a conventional oven. Around 10 mins should be good, but check top to make sure you don't over brown. Remember what I wrote above. Now in my toaster oven, I have to rotate my pan 180 degrees, because the back of the oven is hotter than the front :(

Remove from pan and place on a cookie sheet. After they've cooled just a bit, enjoy! I like warm, out of the oven cookies. The melted chocolate is so good!

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