Friday, January 31, 2014

Batman Quilt = Success!

The Batman Quilt:) 

The top right corner is a pocket. I did run into a bit of trouble with a couple of the large squares made of old t-shirts. They stretched, and stretched, and stretched. This made it difficult in lining up a couple of seams. 
Every time I ironed, they stretched. But a bit of hand stitching fixed any issues. 
The left and right blue panels are folded over the edge of the Batman border. I ran two stitches up the length of each side on the top of the fabric. 
I did this for two reasons: one, to make it easier on me, for I am not a well versed seamstress; two, it added to the stability of the quilt, in the sense that it is meant to prevent the top and bottom materials from slipping and ruining the integrity of the centering of the design.

Before I had a chance to completely lay out the blanket for Kit to view, he began playing hopscotch... 

...eventually running out of hoppable space...

...leading him to investigating each and every square...

...sharing his memories of the various costumes and clothing with his great grandma.

One of the reasons I waited so long to share Kit's opinion/reaction to this gift was that I wanted to get a genuine feeling from him after he's had some time with it. Initially, when explained to him that this Batman quilt was his new blanket for his new bunk beds, he thought he had to choose between the cool Batman quilt and his favorite black blanket he's had since crib years. It took some time to help him understand that he can love both blankets, and use both blankets, at the same time. 

Now, he cuddles with his black blanket and covers up with his Batman quilt! 

I did have a few moments of frustration, which led me to lean on God during this process. He gave me patience and stamina. He also helped me to keep my perfectionism in check. It's so easy to get caught up in all of the tiny details, resulting in a pull of attention from the matter at hand. Taking many deep breaths, and uttering many prayers, God helped me to keep my focus on the purpose, not the outcome. By letting go of my own expectations for this quilt, I was able to enjoy the process of creating something with God, for our shared child. This quilt is not perfect, it will win no awards. But, it is beautiful in the meaning behind, and the time spent on, this labor of love. 

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