Friday, April 12, 2013

The Secrets Held Within, Synopsis

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I am working on a short story to share with you. I will be posting one chapter at a time. As I've shared before, my friend and I started perusing the internet for writing competitions in an effort to work on our craft, and I recently came across two contests that I decided to combine into one theme. 

They are respectively:  
  1. To begin the story with the sentence: The cold of the night would arrive soon. The rules are that I must start my story with this sentence and am not permitted to alter the sentence in any way, with the exception of adding quotations.
  2. A story about what lies within the locked room. This theme entails writing a story around the protagonist visiting a cabin to be confronted with a locked room. The goal as the writer is to tell a story about what is in the locked room. 
Today, I am sharing my idea with you in hopes of your continuing return to read how the story unfolds. Here is the synopsis of...

The Secrets Held Within
There is no time like the present to take a hiatus from life. After Ivy’s life proved to be nothing as she thought, recurring dreams become a constant burden upon her already fragile emotional state. In an effort to sort herself out and make sense of a dream that refuses to part her mind, she ventures out on a soul searching excursion to a secluded cabin in a quaint small village, known for its tourist attractions of antique shops and homemade boutiques. Within the first day of her arrival, she befriends the sheriff and settles into the cozy cabin. At the end of touring the cabin, she is greeted with a locked room in the attic. Confused by this, she becomes instantly obsessed with learning what secrets lie on the other side of the door. As the truth of the locked room becomes tangible, someone intent on furthering her deteriorating mind counteracts her efforts. 

Stay tuned to read Chapter 1 of The Secrets Held be posted Monday, April 15th 

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