Saturday, August 24, 2013

"We Cannot Turn Ourselves Into Lego's, Only God Can..."

Last night, on our way home from a friend's house, my son started a conversation about God. 
Let me set the stage: 

Kit's birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and having received many Lego kits (superman, batman) he has been quite involved in playing with the Lego's, and learning all of their back stories. He retains this information so accurately, it blows my mind! Because of his interest and pure joy in playing with these new toys of his, they have been very prevalent in conversation. 

As I have mentioned before, I have struggled with how to talk God with Kit. My fear is that I could push him away from the idea of God, but I want Kit to have an intimate relationship with Him. Remember how I felt I was confusing Kit with God/Jesus? The Rustic Knight and I have been praying about this, asking God to show Himself to Kit in a way that works for Kit; to give us the words that Kit can respond to positively. Basically, we asked God to take over Kit's spiritual growth, because we have no clue how to do this correctly.

Well, as of late, Kit has been bringing up God of his own accord, allowing us to be able to reintroduce the idea of God.

So, here we are a third of the way home, the sun is setting: dusk has arrived. The sky is beautiful, the air is chilly, and we had a wonderful time at our 'play dates'. I love when we are in the car or out for a walk, Kit really opens up vocally. 

I had the radio on. Kit expressed it was too loud. I asked if I should turn it off. He responded, yes. I turned the radio off. We sat in silence for a couple of minutes. 

"Mommie, we can't see God," Kit opened.

"No, we can't," I respond, "but we can feel God in our hearts. Do you feel God in your heart?" 

Here I am praying madly to God to help steer this conversation. I really relied on Him, because these talks are a bit nerve racking! How do you explain a 4 year old?!?!?

"Yes, I do. But God doesn't have a heart like we do," Kit responds wisely. "We have hearts and they are in our stomach."

"Well, true God does not have a heart like we do, but our hearts are in our chests." Anatomy lesson, yes!

"Yeah, that's what I meant." Kit ponders over a thought. "Mommie, Lego's can't move on their own. We move the Lego's, but we cannot turn ourselves into Lego's, only God can."

"True, we cannot turn ourselves into Lego's, and if God wants to, He could turn us into Lego's." 

I am trying not to laugh here. His understanding of God is so primitive, yet so on point. Kit is using what he knows, what he is surrounded by, and making sense of God in that. My urge to laugh has nothing to do with a ridiculous notion, but everything to do with Kit's innocence and pure curiosity. I am also full of joy that he is having this conversation with me, and am elated at how God was so present in this moment. 

"But I get to move the Lego's around. They don't move by themselves," observes Kit.

"That's true...much the same way that God can move us if we give Him permission." All I am thinking right now is: Thank you Lord! 

"Yeah, because God made everything...but I can't see Him." 

I have a feeling this is an aspect of God that is going to come up quite frequently during Kit's childhood. I also believe that God will continue to give me the appropriate response for Kit's age.

"If we look around, though, we can see God around us. We can see God in the sky, the stars, the moon; we can see God in the trees, the grass, the flowers; we can see God in the love we give to each other."

"I know." Well said, Kit :) "Hey, Mom?"


I am a little nervous here. We have done so well, and I am just waiting for the curve ball that will leave me speechless, not sure how to answer. 

"Lego's can't turn into us, they are Lego's."

"No, they cannot," muffled chuckle, "just like we can't turn into God."

"Because we are people, and Lego's are toys." 

I cannot argue with Kit's closing comment :)

And then we were home, pulling into the driveway. Kit is tired, and he knows it. We walk into the house and I pour him a cup of chocolate milk (he ate really well at our friend house and was thirsty). A few minutes later, my husband approaches us. He asked me if I was working on a particular date. I said no. He held up three a race we have been wanting to go to for a while now :)

What an opportunity to further Kit's and my previous conversation!

"Kit, do you see these tickets? We can see God in the gift of these tickets! This is a chance for us to all experience something together as a family!"

"Yeah!!!!" Kit exclaims with the brightest face, consumed by smiles, as he claps his hands. 

And we all thanked God together :)

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