Thursday, August 1, 2013

Easy Egg Bake

Yesterday was the Rustic Knight's birthday. I made an egg bake for dinner and the Cinnamon Sugar Butter Cupcakes, though I portioned the batter into three mini loaf pans -- NOTE: if you do this, add time (it took 40 mins to bake at 300 degrees in my toaster oven #2). Actually, I altered the recipe a bit because I was out of the cinnamon sugar butter and was too lazy to make it before making the cake. I put in a stick of butter and eyeballed the cinnamon, adding extra cinnamon to the batter -- The Rustic Knight love's his cinnamon sugar :) -- and chopped walnuts...delicious! Point I am making: feel free to alter the recipe and make it your own!!!! :) 


I made the cake in the morning, before taking Kit to Story Time. I had an image in my head of The Rustic Knight coming home to his dinner and birthday cake spread out on the dining room table, with his presents and cards beckoning to be opened. I had to plan out my timing of things to make this happen. When we returned from Story Time, I made a simple frosting. I will post once I figure out the proper measurements. I just threw together ingredients, alternating them until I got the desired consistency for the frosting. I am pretty sure I know the measurements -- about ;) -- but need to remake using actual measuring apparatuses before presenting it to you! Anyhow, the cakes were cooled enough by this point for me to frost. 

Birthday cake down, Birthday dinner to go! But first, I had to clean the house a bit...but I didn't do a full on clean. That will be today...

Back to the Egg Bake. I had some vegetables, canned and fresh, that needed used up. And we just purchased a bunch of eggs, so I knew I had enough to make this dish. So, on a whim I threw a bunch of stuff together and made my husband's birthday dinner :) I added baking mix to create a more substantial consistency; and to help the eggs rise; and add fluffiness to the dish. If I had bacon, ham, and/or sausage, I totally would have added them to the bake. And, if I had, I would have cut down on the amount of salt added to the egg mixture. 

As always, I used our toaster oven. Due to using a 13 x 9 inch glass baking dish, I used toaster oven #2, set at 300 degrees. Be sure to generously coat the pan with a butter or oil spray.

Here is what you need, though keep in mind these are rough measurements. Feel free to alter to your liking (I really do not believe you can do wrong with this meal):

In Mixing Bowl:
10 eggs
1/2 c. baking mix (about...could be a little more)
1 1/2 c. milk (again, this is about)
The following is to your liking:
fresh parsley, dried basil, salt, & pepper
I added this based on how the mixture looked. 
When I liked the amount I saw mixed throughout, I stopped. 

To Layer In Bottom Of Pan:
1 onion, chopped to your preference in size
1 small can of mushrooms, drained
1 can of green beans, drained
salt & pepper
3 tbsp. butter, sliced, then crumbled
cheese (use whatever you have on hand)

Pour the green beans and mushrooms in bottom of 13 x 9 pan, then add chopped onions. 
Salt & pepper the veggies to your liking. 
Toss with your fingers to ensure even coating of salt and pepper.
Place crumbles of butter over top of veggie mixture. 
I used american cheese, it was all I had, and pulled the squares into strips, covering the vegetables with strips from 2 1/2 slices. 

Using mixer, mix eggs, milk, parsley, basil, salt, & pepper until well blended. 
Ladle egg mixture over vegetables. The vegetables and cheese will move as the liquid is added. 
Bake covered for 40 mins, then remove cover and bake for an additional 10 mins to allow the top to brown. 

The Egg Bake was finished about 10 mins before The Rustic Knight returned home from work. This was perfect, because it allowed the casserole to cool before mow time! When he pulled in the driveway, Kit ran out to greet him, wishing him a Happy Birthday. Then, he grabbed his daddy's hand and said, "We have a surprise for you!" And he led The Rustic Knight to his birthday dinner!

The Rustic Knight was elated, and surprised! We had dinner, then cake...but first he opened his cards and presents. It was a wonderful, low-key moment filled with love, laughter, smiles, and shared joy :) 

Happy Birthday Rustic Knight! We love you!!!

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